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The Study On Campus Option


The Study On Campus Option is designed for students who wish to participate in a face-to-face lecture model under the guide of a professionally trained instructor who will explain lesson contents, supervise and mentor you to a better understanding of the course lessons.

You can choose to study any of our courses in a classroom environment at any of our teaching centre close to your home.

Here Students visit our physical campus every two weeks for a minimum of 2hr and maximum of 4hrs face-to-face classes; only on Saturdays of week. Students are allowed to choose from any of our campus close to him or her.`

The Study On Campus Option is ideal for student who may find the time and finances to attend lectures and also for other student who do not have the ability of studying on their own without the influence and distraction from peers and other distractive environmental factors. The campus gives you a calm and relaxing atmosphere for rich study experience, and the good news is that the campus runs a two batch sessions every year; thus 6months for each academic period; this means that if you miss a deadline, you are able to enrol into the next batch. Each course offered on the distance campus duration is six months, and our main campus is Madina Zongo Junction Inside the Faith Baptist Community School. We have metro campuses in Takoradi, Koforidua and upcoming ones in Lapaz and Tema.

What is Distance Campus Classes?

Distance Campus Classes is a teaching center created to support your learning. it help to provide a stable classroom with the provision of professional facilitators who guides and mentor you into successful completion of your course.

The Distance Campus Classes is called distance because you do not attend classes everyday. classes is scheduled only every two weeks Saturday. thus if you attend lectures this Saturday the following week Saturday no lectures, until the next one. this makes it financial flexible as you wont be spending so much on transportation and other cost to get to lectures.

What are the advantages of distance learning? 

Study On Campus

Stable Classroom – Campus classes provide a stable classroom and academic atmosphere for study. this turn to help those who learn best in groups and in classroom setting.

Learning Support – you will receive learning support from your lecturers as well as your colleagues and that way you get all the understanding needed to understand and pass your exams.

More Study Examples: you will receive more examples on the board, assignment and other classroom quiz which will prepare you ever ready for your course success.

How Do I Enrol For Campus Class