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The Study Online Option


The Study Online Option is designed to suit students who are on tight schedules; such as working people; house wives, nursing mothers and other living very far from any of our campuses. This is to give you the opportunity and flexibility to receive knowledge and skills to create and boost your careers at the comfort of your home.

With Study Online Option!
You Have No Excuse Not To Study

Here students and participants have the free will to learn and study wherever they find themselves; be it at home, workplace or on a vacation. All courses handout and guide; can be downloaded in a digital format by student onto any electronic screen gadget such as mobile phone, tablet, laptop, compute, television etc. with a pdf and video readability.

Student have the opportunity to join our online zoom discussion every saturdays, as our proffessional lecturers dive into the discussion of the handout.

There are no formal deadlines for admission into the online distance classes and you may seat for an online exams or choose to join the campus exams. Be free to start anytime and at any day, from anywhere of your choice, each student has a minimum of 3months and a maximum of one year to complete a course.

What is Distance Online Classes?

Distance Online Classes and courses allow you to study wherever you are, arranging your studies around your work or family life. You learn using study materials and online learning resources that are designed for active learning. You can also connect with your lecturer and other students via our WhatsApp platform and in build student virtual platform.

What Are The Advantages Of
Studying Online? 

Study Online

Study anywhere – our courses can be fully studied online so you can learn from wherever you are.

Learn At Your Own Pace – You Will Have The Flexibility To Fit Your Studies Around Your Schedule And Work Commitments On A Part-Time Or Full-Time Basis.

Value for money –  no fees for students studying online, no other cost incurred. You will also save on the cost of transportation to campus each weekend for your classes.

How Do I Learn Online

It very easy to learn online via our Study Online Option.

Follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go through all Our Courses or browse by Course Categories to select a preferred course for study.

Step 2: Click On Enrol For This Course Button To Enrol For The Course.

Course Categories

Step 3: Proceed To View Cart Or Click On The Checkout Button.

Step 4: Fill In The Form With Your Details And Click On Next.

Step 5: Proceed To Make Payment Button.

Step 6: Choose Payment Option; Either To Make Payment Via MOMO Or Visa/Master Cards.

Final Step: Fill In Your Payment Details, Confirm Payment On Your Mobile Phone.